Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Bachelor Recap [01.18.2016] - Top 5 Moments

top 5 memorable moments from last night's bachelor:

the Lack of Becca - 

Okay, this was really more of a "lack of" moment. Am I the only one that noticed Becca was hardly around in the interviews, and didn't seem worried about making time to talk to Ben even though she hadn't had a date that week? After last week, maybe there was just an understanding between them and she felt confident. And maybe she knows that the more you talk in those interviews, the more likely the producers are to edit them to say something else. I do like Becca though, so I hope it was just a slow week and I was definitely glad when he gave her a rose.

Lauren B's one-on-one - 

I'm sure it was terrifying at first, but those planes looked like so. much. fun! I think if I ever had the chance to see a city via one of those or a helicopter, I'd choose a plane like that hands down. A lot of their conversations seemed super-sappy and I didn't think there was anything particularly spectacular about the date in general, but it did seem like they had a blast - how could you not??

Lace's exit - 

I mean more power to her. Recognizing that maybe she needs to work on herself before she can fully commit to a relationship is a big step, and to make that realization on national television, holy cow. My fiance said he thinks that now when girls know they're not getting a rose they just decide to leave on their own. While that might be true sometimes, and most of the time we'll probably never really know, I'm not sure it was the case here. I think there was something about Lace that Ben found interesting, and there wasn't much this week that made me think he wasn't going to keep her around.

Jubilee's massage - 

Yikes. I was starting to warm up to her during the one-on-one date when she seemed to be loosening up around Ben. It was obvious the other girls were upset when she just offered her date up, when they all would have taken it in a heartbeat, but I truly think she was just being totally awkward because she seemed to take a while to open up. And I did feel bad that the whole night when she had the rose already that the other girls were making her feel bad for it, but taking Ben away for what was maybe a 10-20 minute massage was a little over the top. Maybe she was coming from a good place, and her intentions were certainly better than Olivia's (we'll get there soon), but to take so much time away when she was safe, and to take him in a way that made him almost unapproachable was just unnecessary, at least in my opinion.

Olivia - all of it. 

Where to start? She is a stage-five clinger for. sure. I think she has referred to herself as "Olivia Higgins" no less than half a dozen times each week. And that's just what the camera catches. Not to mention how completely insensitive she was when she pulled Ben aside right after he'd made the announcement about the passing of his close family friends and she started talking about her cankles! Are you serious? Also - who is she that people are writing blogs about that? [This is a real question you all, am I missing something?] I was starting to like her just a bit towards the beginning when she kind of owned up to hating her toes - which is crazy in itself that that's what they decided to pick on - I just thought it exuded such confidence for her to just be like "yeah, I do have ugly toes, I hate them too." But overall I think she needs to take it down a notch. Or ten.

What did you think of last night's episode?

Have a great day, y'all! 

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