Friday, April 8, 2016

TGIF: Alton Brown is coming to town!

These temperatures are killing me! We're supposed to go to a soccer game tomorrow and the HIGH is only 47. You read that right, FORTY SEVEN. Y'all, that is cold. What's been going on with you this week?

Alton Brown's Tour

About two years ago we saw Alton Brown on his tour when he stopped in Louisville and it was so much fun! When he announced he was doing it again we knew we had to get tickets, and we invited our in-laws to come as well. My husband's mom loves Alton Brown! I am really looking forward to having visors this weekend, and going to see AB. Have you ever watched his show on the Food Network, Cut Throat Kitchen? It. is. hilarious - I highhhly recommend it. It is similar to Chopped, in that it starts with four chefs, and one is eliminated each round. But instead of weird ingredients, the chefs can bid on sabotages to give to each other. Seriously, check it out. It comes on kind of late on Sunday nights, but I promise the entertainment is more than enough to keep you awake and attentive.

Super Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies

For whatever reason last week I decided I was in the mood for chocolate chip cookies. I don't have a go-to recipe yet, so I naturally searched Pinterest and came across a recipe that promised soft chocolate chip cookies - which is exactly  how I like mine. So I made these. I'm not sure if they are actually really soft, or if I undercooked mine, but the recipe delivered. Five days later and they are still just as soft as when they came out of the oven. I liked this recipe, but I didn't love it. Do you have a favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe? I think I'm still on the hunt for one.

Simplified Photo Challenge

If you've been following my Instagram, you may have seen my posts this week marked #SimplifiedPhotoChallenge. This challenge is being hosted by the Simplified Planner and Emily Ley. If you are not familiar with the Simplified Planner, you should check it out. I currently have the Weekly-Academic Version, and I think next year I will definitely be getting the Daily. I just need some more space for what feels like never-ending to-do lists. Anyways, the Simplified Planner created this challenge as a way to encourage you/us/everyone share some photos this month! So far I am 7 for 7! Today's challenge is "Spring Cleaning" which I have been working hard to do all week, so I don't think I'll have a problem marking that one off the list. Head on over to my Instagram and check it out! {@legallysouthernblog}

FitBit Alta

I received the FitBit Alta this week as an early birthday gift and I love it already! It just feels so much nicer than the Flex. It has a screen, as compared to just five dots that light up. Okay, more complex than that, but you get the idea. I will have more on the comparisons next week! Do y'all have a fitness tracker? Which one is your favorite?

Getting Crafty

For my wedding I made a lot  of the decorations we used at the reception, like a. lot. In doing so, I also took it upon my self to monogram and embroider 200 napkins. Yes, 200. I had only had my sewing machine for about 6 months when I decided to take on that project, and in the time that I started until the wedding, that is probably all I used that machine for. Now that the wedding is over, the only things I've monogrammed lately are the cuffs of some of my husband's shirts, and I can finally get back into actually sewing and making things. This week I made two pillow cases - which yes, I realize are not the most difficult things in the world. But it has been so fun to plan that out, buy the fabric, actually do the sewing and end up with something that I  made. Naturally I put them straight on the couch with out a picture, but when I get home this afternoon I'll try to snap one real quick (while the living room is still clean), and put it up on my Instagram (another shameless plug, and reason to follow me). What are some of your favorite things to sew? I seriously want to make like 100 pillow cases, but I know that is 100% unnecessary, so I need some new things to add to my list!

I hope y'all have a Great Weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Ten New(ish) Places to Try in Louisville

Y'all, I swear a new restaurant opens up once a week around here and I want to go to them all. We try to be good about not eating out all the time, but then it seems like when we do go out, we want to go to our favorite place instead of trying something new. But I am determined, I have heard so many great things about these places that they are definitely next on my list! (Not all of them are new - but some have been on my list for a longggg time) Do I have any locals that have tested these places out? Are they worth the hype?

Joella's Hot Chicken
Would y'all believe I have never had Hot Chicken?

My friends rave about their brunch!

Butchertown Grocery
I have been here for drinks and it was so cool inside. And we actually are planning to go this weekend with the in-laws, but for now it is still on the list of places I'm yet to try out!

610 Magnolia
One of Edward Lee's restaurants that I am sure is worth the hype.

A wonderful Italian place downtown that I am yet to try because my husband does not have the same love of all things bread and pasta as I do. Maybe some day.

Scarlet's Bakery
I mean, it's a bakery, what other reason do I need to have?

Jack Fry's
If you didn't know better, you'd think from the outside this place was a shut down hole in the wall, but its food makes the top of the list every year.

Doc's Cantinia
This place is brand new, owned by the same group as Doc Crow's downtown. If it's half as good as Doc Crow's, it will be a few favorite.

Steel City Pops
I have never loved popsicles as much as I love ice cream. But then again, there aren't many frozen desserts that I won't eat.

Pat's Steakhouse
I used to pass this place everyday on the way home from work, but I still haven't had the chance to stop in.

Have I left anything off? What are some of your favorite places around the city?

Have a great day, y'all! 

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Friday, April 1, 2016

TGIF, April Fools!

Thank goodness the fact that it's Friday is not an April Fool's joke! Am I right?? How do y'all feel about April Fools? I don't hate it because it means it's almost my birthday, but then again, I do not really love practical jokes. However, I very much love watching them played on other people. Have y'all ever seen the ways that Ellen scares the guests on her show? I am probably a terrible person, but I think it is hilarious!

Lazy Weekend Ahead

My mom has been up to visit us/her mom for the last two weekends, but is taking a break this weekend. I love having her here, but I also feel like we have to be busy all the time, you know? We still have plenty that we'll be doing this weekend - mostly house and law related, and I have a few Etsy orders to fill - but at least we can do it on whatever schedule suits us without feeling like total bums for watching TV until noon. Not to mention my in-laws are coming next weekend, and then Derby activities are in full swing (!), so this is probably the last weekend that we have a good excuse to just hang out.

Easter Brunch

Last weekend we had lunch with my ant and uncle who also live in town, plus all of my aunt's family and it was so fun! She has a lot of brothers and sisters, so there are now a lot of small children, and it. was. loud. Five children under the age of 5 kind of loud, but so fun. Our assignment was deviled eggs, and of course I didn't just want to take any old deviled eggs, so I found the best recipe for deviled eggs topped with pimento cheese and they were a hit! If you are ever looking for a way to dress those eggs up just a little more, put about a teaspoon of pimento cheese and a little smoked paprika and people will think you have hung the moon. Seriously, try it. I'm not sure we'll ever make regular deviled eggs again.

Being an Adult is Tough

I'm not sure I ever shared this story here, but a few months ago my car was shot at while I was driving. Thank goodness the bullet missed me - it hit right in front of the driver's side mirror. When I made the initial report they didn't think they were going to be able to catch the person that did it because I didn't really see anything, and at the time I admittedly assumed it was just a really loud/hard rock when it hit. I know that sounds so ridiculous, but I mean seriously, who thinks that they just got hit by a bullet?? Anyways, two months later, they do have a guy that they are pretty sure did it because he was picked up the same night for reports of the same thing. Last week I (my husband) finally took my car to the body shop to have the bullets extracted and an estimate done on the repairs. Good news (maybe?) is that they found fragments of the bullet so they can hopefully connect this guy to the others incidents. Bad news is that it is very expensive to get a bullet hole fixed in your car. Who knew? Apparently the paint on my car is very difficult to match, so they have to take the whole side apart, even though it only hit one panel. The whole thing is just bizarre, but I guess I'll always have an interesting random fact about myself to tell now. Jury is still out on what I'm going to do. On one hand, I hate seeing it every day, but on the other, its a lot of money for a relatively small cosmetic fix.

Mexican Food Can Do No Wrong

On a lighter note, we have already planned to go out to dinner tonight and are having Mexican food and I am so excited. I cannot think of any instance that I would turn down a good Mexican dinner, or lunch. Someone sent me a recipe yesterday for at home and healthy enchiladas, and it looked delicious and I fully intend to try it, maybe even tomorrow. I'm serious y'all, I have no limits. Please tell me I'm not alone!

Derby Season is Upon Us

For a lot of people Spring time seems to really start after Easter, or you know, actually on the first day of Spring. But in Kentucky it seems like Spring is really here when Keeneland Spring Meet opens, and the Derby festivities are upon us. Because of some weird calendar days this year, Keeneland is opening a little later, next weekend, but I am sure we will spend at least one weekend up there, and then of course Churchill for the Derby and summer meets. One of my favorite parts about going to the track is finally having an excuse to wear all of my dresses that are just a tad too much for the office. I. Can't. Wait.

Bonus: Get Skimm'd

It's been a while since I mentioned the Skimm, but let me tell y'all it is still just as good, and possibly better. Not familiar with the Skimm? You should be! The Skimm is a daily email that comes to my inbox around 6:15 in the morning. It has been written by a team that has read pages and pages and piles and piles about what is going on in the world and breaks it down into something you can read in five to ten minutes It is a great and succinct way to keep up with the news of the world, while still having plenty of time to keep up with your own life. Perfect for anyone who has a commute, moms who just don't have the time to read an entire newspaper, and for everyone else that wants to be informed. It has helped me with many trivia answers too :) It has also been a life saver this election season with one million debates and one million candidates. I don't know how anyone can keep up with that. Seriously, just check it out. Sign up. If you hate it, its easy to cancel. I will also say, unlike many "once a day" emails, it truly is once. a. day. and no weekends.
Disclaimer: I do not get paid for this, but I do receive some cool swag depending on the number of people who sign up through my link. So I'd like to think of this as a not so desperate plea for y'all to help me out!

How has your week been? I am so jealous of everyone going on Spring Break this week, so if that's you - enjoy!!

Have a great weekend, y'all!!

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