Friday, October 23, 2015

TGIF, autumn organizing

I couldn't really come up with something as catchy as "spring cleaning," although I'm not sure if that is catchy as much as it's just a thing now. Anyways, I thought "autumn organizing" sounded pretty good, its almost alliterative.

wading through the chaos

Looking back on the last three or four months and forward three or four months there has been a lot going on. Graduation, moving out of my law school apartment, moving in with the boy, engagement party, taking the Bar, PASSING the Bar, showers, football games, the boy getting a job (!!!) and looking ahead to buying a house, more football games, my bachelorette party, and the wedding! I think collectively all of these things are called "being an adult."

But seriously, it has been quite chaotic around here lately, and this last weekend I finally (after far too long) was able to to a lot of straitening up, putting things away, and general cleaning that had been a long time coming and it made me feel so much better. Since we're looking for a house, I kept telling myself there was no reason to pack and unpack different seasons of clothes because we'd be in a new house before winter. And while I would still like that to be the case, after last weekend, I'm not sure we'll be moving quite as soon as I'd hoped - at least not before I need my winter jacket! Once I realized this, it made it easier to finally sit down (or rather run all over the condo), and get tings in order, and I had no idea how much better I would feel after all of the autumn organizing. So from now until we move, whenever that may be, it will be my goal each weekend to make the home we're in now a home, and not just a temporary place to lay our heads each night.

monogrammed napkins

I am a crazy person and decided I wanted to personally monogram all of the napkins for our wedding. So in case y'all were wondering, the current completion count is up to 75! My goal is around 200, but I think we'll only have about 180 guests, so I'd say those last 20 will eventually become optional.

house hunting part 2

Last weekend our realtor took us to six or seven houses, and of those six or seven there were only about three that we were really interested in. I am so ready to move, but I also am not ready to settle for anything I don't at least almost love. I think this is going to be a longer process than I'd been hoping for, but I am doing my best to stay positive and keep an open mind about houses I might not have been interested in initially. Last weekend after seeing so many, it was easier for us to really determine what was non-negotiable, and what we could fix. One of the houses that I thought I loved turned out to be a little smaller than we'd realized, and didn't have great storage options. I'm not looking for 6,000 square feet or anything, but we do want room to grow, and there's no reason to move somewhere that's just barely bigger than the place we have now. That was a little disappointing because the house is in such a good location, but on the other hand, it was helpful to narrow down more what we wanted and eliminate some choices.

dress alterations

I have my first round of alterations this weekend and I am so exited! I cannot believe it is getting so close to the big day! We are less than four months away, and it seems like there is still so much to do. I still don't have shoes picked out, but I have a couple of pairs of heels that I think will be about the right height that I'm going to take with me - do y'all have any other advice for a first fitting??
And if you missed it earlier this week, check out my bridesmaids' dresses here.

fun fact of the day

When you take an oath to be officially licensed to practice law in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, you have to swear that you've never taken part in a dual, and that you never will take part in a dual.

Have a great weekend, y'all!!

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Wedding Wednesday, 122 days to go: Choosing Bridesmaids' Dresses!

I think a large part of my indecisiveness comes from wanting to make everyone happy. I overthink almost every decision because I want to make sure that it is the right decision, not just for me, but for anyone else it might effect. So, you can imagine how difficult it was for me to choose the dresses for my bridesmaids. I know everyone says, "It's your wedding, you get to pick." But here's the thing, I'm not the one actually wearing the darn things!

I was also faced with the dilemma that only two of my seven bridesmaids live in the same city as I do, and the other five are literally in four other states, so trying to have everyone involved seemed like it was going to be impossible. And then I came across Weddington Way. I honestly cannot remember how I found out about this place, after a while all of the bridal/engagement stuff starts to blend together. Maybe it was in a magazine, maybe it was one of the millions of (weirdly accurate and specific) Facebook ads, who knows. Either way, I'm glad I found it.

You're probably wondering what exactly is Weddington Way? Well, in short, it is an online only shop (except for San Francisco where they're based) that has hundreds of dresses. I mean y'all, I had yet to discover this many dresses in one place, but it was great. So you sign up for an account and then they match you up with a stylist and you can create a virtual showroom. You then invite all of your bridesmaids so that they can view, vote, add to, and comment on the dresses in your show room.
I personally waited until I'd had some time to play around with the shop and make sure I liked it before I made all of them sign up and create accounts.

As with most shopping websites now, there is a great filter system so that helped a lot. I also had a pretty clear idea of what I wanted before I started looking, long, navy, and not ridiculously expensive. I also knew that I wanted them to all wear the exact same dress because I just really like things to match and especially with an odd number of girls, there was no way to even do half and half. That being said, the website does a great job of pairing dresses of similar style that go together, so that if you are going for that look its easy to coordinate.
When all was said and done, my showroom ended up with about five dresses that I'd chosen and a couple of others that some bridesmaids added. Luckily most of the bridesmaids like the same styles of dresses, there were a few I liked that they didn't, but that was fine with me - that's why there were so many for them to choose from!

Another great thing about Weddington Way is that they have free shipping and free returns, so while they do a great job of getting you the right size, it is no cost to exchange for a different size, or gives you the chance to just order two from the get go with out worrying about a difficult return policy to send the other one back. This was one of the things that really caught my attention because for starters, I really hate to pay shipping, and second, I wanted to do my best to make it cost effective and easy for them - win win.

As of now, all of the girls have ordered their dresses and they have all given great reviews and I am so  relieved. I realize online shopping is not a new concept (duh), but there is still a lot of risk when ordering from a new company, so it was great to know that this was such a success!

These are some of the questions I was frequently asked about the process from the girls, my mom, and his mom:

How do you know which dresses they like?

Since very girl has her own account, she can favorite a dress and/or comment on it if she wants to give her opinion. I encouraged them to vote so that I knew which ones they liked since that was kind of the point, although none of them actually commented, which was fine with me.

What if they don't all like the same dress?

Well, that's life. But, at least I can see (and so could they) how many people liked which dress, and in my case the dress with the most votes won because I also really liked it. If you're not set on having them all wear the same dress, this might be a situation where you let them choose which style they'd rather wear, assuming that the different ones they like still go well together.

How long will it take the dresses to arrive?

The dress that we ultimately selected wasn't a made to order dress, so from the time it was ordered to when it was received was about a week.

Do all of the girls have to order before the dresses ship?

This is an option, but since these dresses aren't made to order anyways, I wasn't worried about the cloth not matching, so I told them all it was fine to just request their dress when they ordered it, rather than waiting on everyone else.

How will you know they ordered it?

Well, in a super (kind of) stalkerish way, it emails you every time a dress is ordered, and then you can log into your account and check on the shipping/tracking status. There is also an option to "Remind to Order," but luckily all of my bridesmaids ordered their dresses plenty early so I didn't have to do any nudging.

My only real complaint is that they send so many emails. There might be some setting that I could have changed to avoid that, but I just felt bad because I was afraid that the bridesmaids were also being bombarded with emails. Otherwise, I had great success and I think if you are in a situation with a lot of bridesmaids in a lot of places, it is a great resource! If y'all have any questions about the process I would be happy to answer them!

Have a great day, y'all! 

Friday, October 16, 2015

TGIF, it's the freakin' weekend!

y'all, it has been a longggg week around here. I thought it was Tuesday was Thursday, so I've been ready for Friday for a while. How has your week been?

Criminal Minds Grace and Frankie

Well just as soon as I'd mentioned that Criminal Minds was our most recent Netflix obsession, we finished the entire series. Yes, all nine seasons. I told you, obsession. But fear not, one of my friends suggested Grace and Frankie, a Netflix original, and it is SO funny. The good and the bad of it is that it's a short sitcom, so the episodes go much faster and there is currently only one season available. So, expect a new Netflix update next week! Ha! But seriously, it is hilarious.
The first episode starts with two married couples meeting for dinner and the husbands tell the wives that they have in fact been in love with each other for twenty years and have finally deicded to leave their wives and marry each other. Y'all. So much emotion. And the main characters are some very well known actors - Martin Sheen, Sam Waterston, Jane Fonda (love her!), and Lilly Tomlin. If you've ever seen Law and Order, and I'm not sure how you could have lived life and not seen it, then you're familiar with Sam Waterston. Well. Let me tell you, the Sam Waterston in Grace and Frankie is nothing like he was in Law and Order, and he is still wonderful. Martin Sheen is his usual self, and is great as well. The cast is packed with familiar faces and you are guaranteed a laugh!


House Hunting!

My fiance and I are going to look at houses this weekend and I cannot contain my excitement!! We were planning to wait until after the wedding so that we didn't end up with too much on our plate, but timing wise finally decided this was the best time. My biggest "want" is a nice/large kitchen, mostly because I think kitchens are the more expensive and time consuming renovations, so if it can just be ready when we move in that would be perfect! I am so excited and so nervous at the same time - do y'all have any tips??

Catching Up with Old Friends 

One of my sorority sisters (and bridesmaids!) from Furman was in Lexington this week so I drove down to have dinner with her and it was so fun! I hadn't seen her probably in two years and she lives in Dallas so it is nearly impossible to get together, but she travels for work and finally made it to the great Commonwealth. Seriously, time with old friends is so good for the soul.

Bridesmaids' Dresses

Despite my hesitation, I ended up using an online-only* website for my bridesmaids to choose and purchase their dresses. Almost all of them have ordered and received the dresses and I have heard nothing but great reviews! This was such a relief for me because we all know it can be hard to find a dress that even two or three people like, but eight is nearly impossible. Well y'all, miracles do happen! Check out next week's Wedding Wednesday for more on choosing their dresses and the interactive process.
the * - there is a single store in SanFran, but as neither I, nor any of my bridesmaids are anywhere near the west coast, it is essentially online-only, which is also how they market themselves

Hitting the Gym instead of the Snooze Button

My number one goal for next week is to be better about going to the gym at least three mornings. I have been having a weird/annoying mid-day fever for the past week or so, and then use that as an excuse to sleep in, but honestly I'm not sure that's making a difference. What is making a differnce is me not going to the gym and losing out on that great stress reliever. I will go to the gym this week. I will go to the gym this week. I will go to the gym this week. I. will.
Maybe I need to check this guy out.

But seriously, if y'all have any suggestions to help a girl not hit the snooze button, let me know because I swear I've tried every trick in the book and sleep always wins.

Have a great weekend y'all!!

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Winterizing My Beauty Routine

As much as I think I can pull off a "year-round" look when it comes to my makeup, there are still a lot of things that I alter, even if ever so slightly, as winter comes around. The great Commonwealth of Kentucky experiences all four seasons, with all of their extremities, and that can really start to take a toll on your skin. I'll be the first to admit that I am not the best at preventative measures, but in theory, I start trying to prepare myself, and my skin, for winter as early as possible. 

Bronze Palettes

Okay, so I guess this isn't exactly something that makes your skin feel better and stay healthy, but I personally hate to lose that natural summer glow and tend to supplement that with a bronze palate/ all over face color. Although this is something that is actually good for your skin when the alternative is the forbidden tanning-bed, so there's that! A couple of months ago I went to BareMinerals to try out some new foundation - which I love - and the makeup artist also used some "faux tan" all over color, kind of as contouring "light". She made it look super easy, and for the most part it is. Then I picked up this palate from BareMinerals and have since fallen in love! First of all, it comes with a guide so you don't have to know/remember exactly how to apply each shade. Secondly, while it is long, it is very thin and compact and travels very well. And since it's not a loose powder, there is zero chance of it spilling. If you love to have that glow year round I would highly suggest this palate or something similar! This one is currently available - and on sale! 

Moisturize x 100


This is probably the most important thing that you can do for your skin in the winter - well really all the time - but especially in the winter. This is also probably the thing that I am the worst at, basically because I'm lazy. BUT I was recently given the opportunity to try out Curel® Itch Defense® Instant Soothing Moisturizing Spray and I am sold. Y'all this stuff is great. It's a spray, I know captain obvious over here, but seriously, that makes me 100x more likely to use it because it is so much faster to apply in the mornings when I'm usually always running late. Unlike most spray sunscreens you do still have to rub it in a little bit, but still wayyy easier. The only downside I've found to it so far is that the can gets pretty slippery after I've applied the lotion, so I try to spray as much as I think I need before I rub it in. 


Moisturizing my face is the first thing I do when I get out of the shower because my skin is so dry. When I went to BareMinerals that day, I'm pretty sure the girl told me I should be putting it on twice a day because my skin was just that dry. I like to use moisturizer that has SPF in it so that in the summer I don't have to apply greasy sunscreen to my face. It's also a good idea in the winter too because you are usually getting more sun than you realize and most people don't think to apply SPF when its 15 degrees outside. I've been using Aveeno for a couple of years and really like it, but any moisturizer is better than none. 

Staying Hydrated

Basically in keeping with the importance of moisturizing, winter can dry out your skin so much. But, your skin benefits from everything you put in to your body, as well as lotions and other things you put on the surface. Staying hydrated and getting at least 64 oz of water each day is essential to keeping your skin in good condition. Plus, staying hydrated does wonders for your complexion

New Nail Polish

As if I need a reason to buy new nail polish. But seriously. have y'all seen Essie's fall shades - I am in love! I haven't picked up any yet because I just can't decide which one I want, but I've got my eye on "Frock 'n Roll" and "With the Band." And honestly, I think if I was confident enough, that "Leggy Legend" is stunning! Have y'all bought any of these yet? Thoughts? 

Changing Out Perfume

Using a different perfume is kind of like the nail polish, obviously, not essential to preparing your body and skin for a new season. That being said, scent is one of the most acute senses with thousands of memories attached to specific scents. Every time I wear a different perfume I'm suddenly taken back to a specific memory that was trigger merely by the scent. And while I think (almost) all perfume smells wonderful, there is still a time and a place for different scents. I love to have a more floral airy scent in the summer, while a soft yet spicy scent is my go to for winter. One of my favorite fall/winter perfumes is Burburry Brit. I wore it for the first time this season last weekend and I just knew fall was here. 

What are some changes you make to your beauty routine as you gear up for winter? 

Have a great day, y'all!