Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Bachelor Recap [01.25.2016] - Top 5 Moments

Alright, full disclosure y'all - I was double tasking while watching the Bachelor because I have one million thank you notes to write - but, overall I didn't think this episode was all that exciting. That being said, if y'all think I missed something super juicy, puhleaseeee let me know!

One-on-One with Becca

I've already said it, but I really like Becca and I was so happy to see that their one-on-one went well. I did feel a little bad for the other girls that she had a wedding dress delivered to their suite because jealously is clearly running wild with them, but it was also a good reality check for the others girls. I am still waiting for the story line about her being on a prior season and how that has changed her approach this season, but I'm sure that's coming. I think.

Olivia's Meltdown

I can't tell if this girl is still the stage five clinger I tagged her as last week, or if she is just really insecure and it comes out in an obsessive way. I think I'm still leaning towards the crazier of those two options because the way she talks about Ben in the interviews is a litttttle too over the top. In my opinion. Obviously her popping out the cake and weirdly walking around the stage was uber-awkward, but that part was over with, so I don't know why it was so hard for her to come back out. At the cocktail party when she told Ben that she snagged him first all the time so he know she cared, I was just waiting for him to bring up the cankle debacle of last week. Luckily he is gentleman. Although I though it was telling that he saved her for last at the rose ceremony. How long do you think she has left?

the Twins!

I was waiting for this day, well actually I was really wondering what it was going to be like if there was one of them still around for the home-towns. Like, would the other one be there? I think keeping in mind that that could be a definitely possibility, it was wise of Ben to make his decision between the two of them earlier rather than later. I thought it was so sweet that he asked their mom about their different personalities - but hopefully Haley won't hold it against her!
I also thought it was probably good to have one of them sent home, well I guess left at home, because I can only imagine how close the sisters are, and the kind of distraction that was creating when they needed to focus on their relationship with Ben, rather than each other. What do y'all think? Any twins out there with a better perspective than my speculations?

Vegas Talent Show

I was a little underwhelmed with this date. I mean it was hilarious to see them all perform their "talents" - some of which were actually very impressive. But compared to prior seasons/group dates it just seemed like something was missing. Maybe it was because they weren't all doing the same thing, and the fact that some talents were legit, while other were . . . well, less so, which made for an odd assortment. I don't know, I can't quite put my finger on it, but there was just something off. Am I the only one who thought this?

Next Week's Trailer

Okay, honestly, this might have been the most intriguing part of the show for me. I mean I know, duh, that is the point of it. [Clearly ABC's advertising is working on this girl.] But seriously, Jubilee was kind of quiet/off the scene this week, but it looks like she's ready to stir things back up next week, so I'm interested to see how that goes. AND it looks like some of the girls are starting to tell Ben what they really think of Olivia, although with past seasons those conversions didn't always have the end result that the other girls were hoping for.

What were your most memorable moments?

Have a great day, y'all!

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