Friday, July 24, 2015

TGIF, the sun is out!

Y'all, it has been a verrrry long week around here. More or less, all of my friends are studying for the bar right now and we are less than enjoyable to be around. I'm pretty sure the only human interaction I've had in the last week is with the random people that I just saw hello to while I'm on a walk, i.e. not any real interaction at. all. I cannot wait for this test to be over.

The sun is finally shining bright over my old Kentucky home! This week has been so so nice and I have been able to go on a walk/run almost every morning or night. I do my best to be a positive person, but sometimes surroundings just take over my mood and weather is one of those surroundings. So I am so glad that the rain is gone (at least for now)!
Diet Bet
I did it! Almost. I am in the final stretch of a 6-month "Transformer" and have met my goal weight and lost 10% of my initial weight. So, I just have to hold strong for a few more weeks and I'll win! This has honestly been such a transformation for me and I truly feel like I have accomplished something - with the added bonus of making some extra cash!

Southern Weddings/Project Life
So Southern Weddings is one of my favorite bridal magazines because it has so many features of real weddings, and of course because it's focus is on the south! The only downside is that, like a lot of bridal magazines it doesn't come out very often, so I've only been lucky enough to really enjoy one issue - but another one is due out in November! Anyways, I love it! And then there's ProjectLife, which is a form of scrapbooking/photo organization that is just so pretty and so clean and so organized. It's essentially a lazier form of scrapbooking, but still takes plenty of time. Well. Southern Weddings and Project Life teamed up and created a Wedding Kit for Project Life that I had been lusting over for months and last week my future mother-in-law sent it to me! I cannot wait to have the time to really get into it and start planning out how to compile it - and of course to find more reasons to take pictures! I'm sure I didn't explain that very well - but I'll have a post coming up soon with more details!

National Ice Cream Day
I don't think it was much of a secret that National Ice Cream Day was this week. Generally I get annoyed with all of the "National ______ Day" posts that seem to be going on like every other day, but this might just be my favorite. I could eat ice cream every day for every meal if it meant I could also still win that DietBet, but alas, I've learned to limit myself. However, when National Ice Cream Day came around, I just had to indulge. I hope y'all enjoyed it as much as I did!

Shopping Freeze
Last fall I put a month-long shopping freeze on my self just to get a better idea of the things I needed and the things that I didn't. It also allowed me to decide when there was something that I actually wanted, or just something that I wanted in the moment. If it was something that I actually wanted, and still wanted when that month was over, I was able to justify the purchase a little more than if I just saw it, wanted it, and bought it on the spot. So, we'll see how this one goes, but I think it was certainly a benefit the last time. Have y'all ever done anything like that? Or do you have other self-imposed tests for when you want to make a bigger purchase?

Happy Friday, y'all! Have a Great Weekend! 

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  1. I'm so glad the weather in KY is finally improving! I went ahead and shopped the Nordstrom sale to get some good deals on Christmas shopping but am now putting a freeze on fall shopping until I completely clean out my closet. Plus, I'm trying to lose weight too and I don't want to splurge on stuff that hopefully won't fit when Fall arrives!

    1. I'm with you on the losing weight train too! I already have a lot of things that don't fit - in a good way - which is making me want to replace them, but I'm hoping that trend keeps going so I don't want to get anything new just yet. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I haven't tried a spending freeze, but maybe I should. I like your idea of waiting a month to purchase, and if I still want it by that time frame, then make the purchase.

  3. Stopping by from H54F! Kudos on the fitness! I can totally relate as I'm still working to get back to "normal" after baby...I'm not sure that it'll even be possible, but it's so great to have a goal and some motivation! I love your idea for a shopping freeze. I'm working to thin out my closet while purchasing more staple pieces this fall--things like jeans, chambray tops, and sweaters that won't go out of style quickly. I'd much rather shell out the money for a high-quality piece that will last a long time than to keep buying cheap, trendy pieces. Can't wait to see how the shopping freeze goes!
    Mariah @ Faith & Fashion

  4. Congratulations on your dieting success!

  5. High Five for getting so close to winning your diet bet. That's awesome!!! Loosing 10% of your weight is such a great goal. And I'm about to put myself on a spending freeze too. So many deals had this month, but I'm done for a while ;) Hope you're having a great weekend!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  6. Yay for the sunshine! Weather so affects my mood. and yay for ice cream! best food ever! That's such a great idea to have a shopping freeze.

  7. I feel the same way about Ice Cream Day :)

  8. I missed out on National Ice Cream Day but we made up for it a few days later! Good luck with the bar! It'll just be a memory very soon. Thanks for sharing with us at Merry Monday.