Tuesday, July 14, 2015

what is Prime Day? [but, really]

I'm sure y'all have seen by now - or maybe not - but Amazon has declared "Prime Day" in celebration of their 20th (!!!) anniversary. For the last week I keep seeing promotions for it, just claiming that it will be better than Black Friday, but I am yet to see any actual specifics on what kind of deals there will be. Thus - I have just filled my cart with some things that I've been thinking about getting, and would definitely be swayed if the right deal comes along.

I absolutely LOVE these pens, and I am less than two weeks away from being able to use my Emily Ley planner and these are the perfect pens for that. With so many colors to choose from, it makes my color-coding heart so happy! 

two & three
Recently my FiitBit was acting a little odd, and I was fully prepared to buy another one. I'd had it for almost a year, so I didn't feel like it was that big of deal. But I emailed customer service about the issue and they sent me a replacement! So, I decided I would splurge a little on some new bands - I'm not going to get both of these sets, but haven't made up my mind yet, which one I like the best - do y'all have any suggestions??

Project Life is the greatest. It's a simpler form of scrapbooking, but looks just as nice - if not better because it is so organized! There are certain pages with different formats depending on the type of layout you're interested in. I've tried a few different ones, and honestly found it best to have a variety because rarely do your pictures all face the way you want them to. This seemed like a good time to stock up on another set. 

Y'all. These shoes. I think I'm in love. I've been looking for a new pair of nude heels because the little rubber thing on the bottom of my last pair broke off. I have a few pairs of Jessica Simpson heels/wedges and they are always so comfortable - and another great thing about these is that they're eligible for free returns, so if for some reason the sizing doesn't quite work I can easily send them back and get a new pair in just 2 days! 

Now that I've been better about losing weight, I'd really like to know that I am accurately weighing myself. One of my friends has this scale and raves about it, and it's a best-seller on Amazon, so at a price of just under $30 it's really hard to pass up! 

I don't think I could ever have too many pairs of RayBans. I used to have a pair like this, but I accidentally broke them :( and I've been lusting over another pair ever since. Even at this price, it's a great deal, but I think I'll probably still end up holding off for now since I don't really need them. 

How hard is it to keep up with your bobby-pins? I swear for every 2 that I find on the bathroom sink, I've lost 4 more. I know there are a dozen ways that people suggest trying to keep up with them, magnets in the medicine cabinet, tic-tac containers, etc. But that was just never enough for me. My solution - stop worrying about it and buy them by the hundreds, so that's just what I did. I bought this pack of 300 about a year ago - and I do still have about 150, but I like to keep them in my cart just in case. Plus, sometimes they're only an "add-on" item, which means to be eligible for free-shipping, it has to be part of another order of $25. 

These are the water-filters that go in our coffee pot. Hey, I'm just trying to be honest, this really is what's in my cart! The change the filter light came on last week and we couldn't find filters in any of the stores around here, so naturally my first instinct was Amazon, and low and behold, there they were! 

The one thing I do know about Prime Day is that you have to be a Prime member to take advantage. I started my Prime membership when I was in undergrad because as a student you get a year free and then a discounted rate, but I will certainly continue it. You really can't beat Free 2-day shipping on almost anything, and usually free returns. I would highly suggest it if you don't already have a membership, and I think even for non-students there's a trial membership available.

-This post is not sponsored, I just really think Prime is a great service and I also really want to know more about Prime Day, so if y'all have that information - please share!

What is lingering in your cart waiting for a deal?

Have a Great Day, Y'all!


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  1. I should probably stay far away from Amazon today... I don't need to spend the money, but it sounds like there are some awesome deals. I've been wanting a Fitbit for awhile, so maybe I should see how much it is today... Thanks for sharing your picks with The Wednesday Showcase! Happy shopping.

    1. I've browsed a little bit, but honestly it's very difficult to navigate because the deals are constantly changing so the pages is constantly updating. BUT, if you have been wanting a FitBit, I'm not sure which kind you were looking at, but I did see that if you buy the Charge HR you also get a $25 Amazon gift card, which is basically cash since they have everything! One of my friends has the Charge HR, and the other has just the Charge and they both really like them! Good luck and thanks for stopping by!