Friday, October 16, 2015

TGIF, it's the freakin' weekend!

y'all, it has been a longggg week around here. I thought it was Tuesday was Thursday, so I've been ready for Friday for a while. How has your week been?

Criminal Minds Grace and Frankie

Well just as soon as I'd mentioned that Criminal Minds was our most recent Netflix obsession, we finished the entire series. Yes, all nine seasons. I told you, obsession. But fear not, one of my friends suggested Grace and Frankie, a Netflix original, and it is SO funny. The good and the bad of it is that it's a short sitcom, so the episodes go much faster and there is currently only one season available. So, expect a new Netflix update next week! Ha! But seriously, it is hilarious.
The first episode starts with two married couples meeting for dinner and the husbands tell the wives that they have in fact been in love with each other for twenty years and have finally deicded to leave their wives and marry each other. Y'all. So much emotion. And the main characters are some very well known actors - Martin Sheen, Sam Waterston, Jane Fonda (love her!), and Lilly Tomlin. If you've ever seen Law and Order, and I'm not sure how you could have lived life and not seen it, then you're familiar with Sam Waterston. Well. Let me tell you, the Sam Waterston in Grace and Frankie is nothing like he was in Law and Order, and he is still wonderful. Martin Sheen is his usual self, and is great as well. The cast is packed with familiar faces and you are guaranteed a laugh!


House Hunting!

My fiance and I are going to look at houses this weekend and I cannot contain my excitement!! We were planning to wait until after the wedding so that we didn't end up with too much on our plate, but timing wise finally decided this was the best time. My biggest "want" is a nice/large kitchen, mostly because I think kitchens are the more expensive and time consuming renovations, so if it can just be ready when we move in that would be perfect! I am so excited and so nervous at the same time - do y'all have any tips??

Catching Up with Old Friends 

One of my sorority sisters (and bridesmaids!) from Furman was in Lexington this week so I drove down to have dinner with her and it was so fun! I hadn't seen her probably in two years and she lives in Dallas so it is nearly impossible to get together, but she travels for work and finally made it to the great Commonwealth. Seriously, time with old friends is so good for the soul.

Bridesmaids' Dresses

Despite my hesitation, I ended up using an online-only* website for my bridesmaids to choose and purchase their dresses. Almost all of them have ordered and received the dresses and I have heard nothing but great reviews! This was such a relief for me because we all know it can be hard to find a dress that even two or three people like, but eight is nearly impossible. Well y'all, miracles do happen! Check out next week's Wedding Wednesday for more on choosing their dresses and the interactive process.
the * - there is a single store in SanFran, but as neither I, nor any of my bridesmaids are anywhere near the west coast, it is essentially online-only, which is also how they market themselves

Hitting the Gym instead of the Snooze Button

My number one goal for next week is to be better about going to the gym at least three mornings. I have been having a weird/annoying mid-day fever for the past week or so, and then use that as an excuse to sleep in, but honestly I'm not sure that's making a difference. What is making a differnce is me not going to the gym and losing out on that great stress reliever. I will go to the gym this week. I will go to the gym this week. I will go to the gym this week. I. will.
Maybe I need to check this guy out.

But seriously, if y'all have any suggestions to help a girl not hit the snooze button, let me know because I swear I've tried every trick in the book and sleep always wins.

Have a great weekend y'all!!

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  1. Replies
    1. It would probably scare me to death the first few mornings!

  2. Love that clock! My sister was always a heavy sleeper, so she got one with a pad that would vibrate the whole mattress. Where there's a will, there's a way! :D

    1. Wow! That is intense! My problem usually isn't the waking up, its the getting up, but that is definitely something to consider! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. That is SO exciting that you're going to look at houses! I wish I could come haha I spend hours on Zillow sometimes. Definitely when you're looking, try to ignore the cosmetic things, remember you can always change the house but not the location! I wish I paid more attention to the busy-ness of our street.. it's 30mph but people tend to speed and that makes me mad, so if that's important to you then take it into consideration. We just ended up planting giant bushes in the front though and now it's all good =)

    1. Oh traffic/speed is definitely something to consider, and hopefully on a Saturday we can get a good feel for what it will be like most of the time. I am guilty of spending so much time on Zillow, literally looking at the exact. same. houses. I am a crazy person right now!
      Thanks for the advice!

  4. Good luck with house hunting! It's super stressful but will so be worth it after the wedding to come home to your own house and relax. No more stress! Biggest advice is to look past the ugly-paint colors, fixtures, lighting, etc- and try not to focus on the furniture in the house! Sooo hard but your stuff of course will look so much better because it will be your house! As Jacquelyn said, location is just about one of the only things that can't be changed! Have fun & breathe! It's overwhelming sometimes. Enjoy!! :)