Friday, October 23, 2015

TGIF, autumn organizing

I couldn't really come up with something as catchy as "spring cleaning," although I'm not sure if that is catchy as much as it's just a thing now. Anyways, I thought "autumn organizing" sounded pretty good, its almost alliterative.

wading through the chaos

Looking back on the last three or four months and forward three or four months there has been a lot going on. Graduation, moving out of my law school apartment, moving in with the boy, engagement party, taking the Bar, PASSING the Bar, showers, football games, the boy getting a job (!!!) and looking ahead to buying a house, more football games, my bachelorette party, and the wedding! I think collectively all of these things are called "being an adult."

But seriously, it has been quite chaotic around here lately, and this last weekend I finally (after far too long) was able to to a lot of straitening up, putting things away, and general cleaning that had been a long time coming and it made me feel so much better. Since we're looking for a house, I kept telling myself there was no reason to pack and unpack different seasons of clothes because we'd be in a new house before winter. And while I would still like that to be the case, after last weekend, I'm not sure we'll be moving quite as soon as I'd hoped - at least not before I need my winter jacket! Once I realized this, it made it easier to finally sit down (or rather run all over the condo), and get tings in order, and I had no idea how much better I would feel after all of the autumn organizing. So from now until we move, whenever that may be, it will be my goal each weekend to make the home we're in now a home, and not just a temporary place to lay our heads each night.

monogrammed napkins

I am a crazy person and decided I wanted to personally monogram all of the napkins for our wedding. So in case y'all were wondering, the current completion count is up to 75! My goal is around 200, but I think we'll only have about 180 guests, so I'd say those last 20 will eventually become optional.

house hunting part 2

Last weekend our realtor took us to six or seven houses, and of those six or seven there were only about three that we were really interested in. I am so ready to move, but I also am not ready to settle for anything I don't at least almost love. I think this is going to be a longer process than I'd been hoping for, but I am doing my best to stay positive and keep an open mind about houses I might not have been interested in initially. Last weekend after seeing so many, it was easier for us to really determine what was non-negotiable, and what we could fix. One of the houses that I thought I loved turned out to be a little smaller than we'd realized, and didn't have great storage options. I'm not looking for 6,000 square feet or anything, but we do want room to grow, and there's no reason to move somewhere that's just barely bigger than the place we have now. That was a little disappointing because the house is in such a good location, but on the other hand, it was helpful to narrow down more what we wanted and eliminate some choices.

dress alterations

I have my first round of alterations this weekend and I am so exited! I cannot believe it is getting so close to the big day! We are less than four months away, and it seems like there is still so much to do. I still don't have shoes picked out, but I have a couple of pairs of heels that I think will be about the right height that I'm going to take with me - do y'all have any other advice for a first fitting??
And if you missed it earlier this week, check out my bridesmaids' dresses here.

fun fact of the day

When you take an oath to be officially licensed to practice law in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, you have to swear that you've never taken part in a dual, and that you never will take part in a dual.

Have a great weekend, y'all!!

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  1. House Hunting can be the pits. I remember being so upset after I would find a house and it wouldn't work out... but in good time we found our home that we now love!

  2. Good luck with house hunting! Your guests will feel so special when they see the monogrammed napkins. All the little details are memorable. I love that oath! I am sure that made you smile.