Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Winterizing My Beauty Routine

As much as I think I can pull off a "year-round" look when it comes to my makeup, there are still a lot of things that I alter, even if ever so slightly, as winter comes around. The great Commonwealth of Kentucky experiences all four seasons, with all of their extremities, and that can really start to take a toll on your skin. I'll be the first to admit that I am not the best at preventative measures, but in theory, I start trying to prepare myself, and my skin, for winter as early as possible. 

Bronze Palettes

Okay, so I guess this isn't exactly something that makes your skin feel better and stay healthy, but I personally hate to lose that natural summer glow and tend to supplement that with a bronze palate/ all over face color. Although this is something that is actually good for your skin when the alternative is the forbidden tanning-bed, so there's that! A couple of months ago I went to BareMinerals to try out some new foundation - which I love - and the makeup artist also used some "faux tan" all over color, kind of as contouring "light". She made it look super easy, and for the most part it is. Then I picked up this palate from BareMinerals and have since fallen in love! First of all, it comes with a guide so you don't have to know/remember exactly how to apply each shade. Secondly, while it is long, it is very thin and compact and travels very well. And since it's not a loose powder, there is zero chance of it spilling. If you love to have that glow year round I would highly suggest this palate or something similar! This one is currently available - and on sale! 

Moisturize x 100


This is probably the most important thing that you can do for your skin in the winter - well really all the time - but especially in the winter. This is also probably the thing that I am the worst at, basically because I'm lazy. BUT I was recently given the opportunity to try out Curel® Itch Defense® Instant Soothing Moisturizing Spray and I am sold. Y'all this stuff is great. It's a spray, I know captain obvious over here, but seriously, that makes me 100x more likely to use it because it is so much faster to apply in the mornings when I'm usually always running late. Unlike most spray sunscreens you do still have to rub it in a little bit, but still wayyy easier. The only downside I've found to it so far is that the can gets pretty slippery after I've applied the lotion, so I try to spray as much as I think I need before I rub it in. 


Moisturizing my face is the first thing I do when I get out of the shower because my skin is so dry. When I went to BareMinerals that day, I'm pretty sure the girl told me I should be putting it on twice a day because my skin was just that dry. I like to use moisturizer that has SPF in it so that in the summer I don't have to apply greasy sunscreen to my face. It's also a good idea in the winter too because you are usually getting more sun than you realize and most people don't think to apply SPF when its 15 degrees outside. I've been using Aveeno for a couple of years and really like it, but any moisturizer is better than none. 

Staying Hydrated

Basically in keeping with the importance of moisturizing, winter can dry out your skin so much. But, your skin benefits from everything you put in to your body, as well as lotions and other things you put on the surface. Staying hydrated and getting at least 64 oz of water each day is essential to keeping your skin in good condition. Plus, staying hydrated does wonders for your complexion

New Nail Polish

As if I need a reason to buy new nail polish. But seriously. have y'all seen Essie's fall shades - I am in love! I haven't picked up any yet because I just can't decide which one I want, but I've got my eye on "Frock 'n Roll" and "With the Band." And honestly, I think if I was confident enough, that "Leggy Legend" is stunning! Have y'all bought any of these yet? Thoughts? 

Changing Out Perfume

Using a different perfume is kind of like the nail polish, obviously, not essential to preparing your body and skin for a new season. That being said, scent is one of the most acute senses with thousands of memories attached to specific scents. Every time I wear a different perfume I'm suddenly taken back to a specific memory that was trigger merely by the scent. And while I think (almost) all perfume smells wonderful, there is still a time and a place for different scents. I love to have a more floral airy scent in the summer, while a soft yet spicy scent is my go to for winter. One of my favorite fall/winter perfumes is Burburry Brit. I wore it for the first time this season last weekend and I just knew fall was here. 

What are some changes you make to your beauty routine as you gear up for winter? 

Have a great day, y'all! 


  1. I have frock n roll and love it!! I think it is better than OPI Lincoln park after dark!

    1. It is so much darker than I normally wear, but I'm really liking it! I will be picking it up next time I see it for sure!

  2. I love how perfume scents take you back! Literally the best memory trigger ever. I seriously need to get my beauty routine together.. I've been meaning to for years, I really have. I don't know WHY I can't just make the time to focus on myself for 10 minutes a day but I really need to.

    1. I know! It's like JUST 10 minutes, but sometimes those 10 minutes are really hard to find!

  3. I definitely change up my skincare routine, foundation, and nail colors the most. I also change up my lip colors/ eye shadows to deeper shades as well - great post!

    stop by and chat with me :) http://storybookapothecary.com

    1. Thank you! As I was writing this I realized just how many things I do change, its a lot to keep up with! Thanks for stopping by!