Monday, March 7, 2016

Monday Meal Planning: Week 2

Y'all. If you have never tried meal planning, and making that "plan" all on your own, it is certainly more difficult than it may seem.

Last week I decided to try my hand at meal planning, and later this week I plan on sharing with you what I've already learned about the process in just one week. But let me tell you now, if not done well, it can be time consuming. I did end up with a few menu changes during the week last week, for one reason or another, but my goal was to have a fresh new dinner every night, and I did accomplish that. If you follow me on Instagram (@legallysouthernblog), you saw a peak at what dinners we had each night plus the calorie count and weight watchers points. Other than one meal that was pretty high in protein, and therefore high in WW points, each meal was under 420 calories and 8 WW points.

This week, I am totally cheating. As I'd mentioned before, I never really wanted to follow someone else's plan, simply because I just could not find one where I thought I'd like all of the meals. Well, it's as if Pinterest read my mind, and in looking to this week I came across this post. It is a game changer.

It has 10 crock pot meals, all of which are freezer friendly, and most importantly for me, all 10 meals sounded like something I would love to try. The author suggests that if you are only cooking for two, which I am, to then divide each recipe into two bags, each of which will then have two to three servings. So you end up with TWENTY meals. TWENTY.

We spent about 4 hours yesterday chopping, peeling, and prepping, but now we will have dinner for the next 4 weeks. I was SO excited.

Here's what's on deck for this week:

Sloppy Joe's

Italian Wedding Soup 

BBQ Chicken

Meatball Vegetable Soup

Stuffed Peppers

Have y'all come across any other plans like this? I am really hoping to have a great collection of go-to meals that I can prepare and store away for some easy weeknight dinners.

With the next couple of weeks already prepared, I'll have time to create a similar plan with 5 or 10 different meals that I can share!

Have a great day, y'all!

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