Wednesday, March 4, 2015

appropriately comfortable

As y'all are probably aware (because it's all I seem to talk about), I am in my third year of law school. This means my classmates and I have endured almost three years of interviews, exams, class, moot court, all nighters, you get the picture. It also means that we have endured three years of administration telling us what is is appropriate to wear to class and to interviews and what is not. For the most part I think we're all generally aware of what to wear to an interviewbut the amount of people who still look so... sloppy, for lack of a better word, in the day to day is shocking to me. 

I get it, we want to be comfortable. After all, we're in class some days from 8:30am until 8pm, but that is not a excuse to look like you just got out of bed for the WHOLE DAY. Some schools have dress codes required, ensuring that the students are always in business casual attire and I honestly wouldn't mind that. However, even if that is not the case, I think it is still important to look put together. Especially in the case of law school, these classmates are soon to become colleagues. You are going to refer clients to them and hope that they refer clients to you, this is your time to make a good impression because once you are out of school that is what they are going to remember. Maybe it sounds petty that what you wear is that important, but it is. And it is such an easy  fix - why not spend a few more minutes in the morning getting dressed, fixing your hair etc. It will make a difference and I bet it will make you feel better for the rest of the day too, I know it definitely does for me! 

Here are a few of my favorite go to outfits that let me still feel comfortable but look much more put together than a pair of norts and an oversized t-shirt. 
This is one of my favorite go to outfits! First, I am absolutely still in love with Furman, and welcome any and all questions about it. Secondly, the purpose of these outfits is to show you you can still wear something like a crew neck sweatshirt and look put together. I think adding an oxford underneath a sweatshirt make it look so much nicer, and like you're actually trying. Bonus - only the collar and cuffs usually show, so it doesn't even have to be ironed! A cute pair of flats also can really make an outfit look put together. I have these flats from Marley Lilly (in pink w/ navy text) and they are very comfortable, and I always get tons of compliments on them! 

 I featured this dress a few months ago here, and I still think it is just as great. I mean y'all it is made out of sweatshirt material, but looks like a dress. It is so dang comfortable I wish I could wear it everyday. Plus, how cute is that scarf?? I am obsessed with polka dots right now, to the point that I have to actually stop my self from buying more things with polka dots because it's starting to get ridiculous. But, I mean Kate Spade, a girl can only say no so many times. 

This is another super comfortable, yet still appropriate look. What could be easier than black denim and a white v-neck? Then just add a colorful scarf and you're good. to. go. This look also gives you a lot of room to play around with accessories since the basic layers are black and white. You can add a scarf, or a statement necklace, maybe a colorful cardigan. Seriously, the possibilities are endless(ly easy). 

Hair & Make-Up
For the record - I am not saying you need make-up to look put together or that you need to curl your hair every day to be respected. But, what I am saying is that a little goes a long way. Throw on some lip gloss and run a brush through your hair. Sounds obvious, I know, but you'd be surprised how many people literally look like they just rolled out of bed and never walked past a mirror. Stick a brush in your car and run it through your hair at stoplights if you're that worried about time, but just find a way, it's worth it. 

Jewelry is another easy peasy way to look put together with out trying very hard. A pair of pearl studs or monogrammed disc earrings instantly make any look very classic. The same goes for a nice watch or a couple of bangles. I am working hard on my "stackable bracelet game" as I like to call it for this very reason. Having a few go to pieces that you put on every morning can make this such an easy process!

What do y'all think about these outfits? Are they still too casual, or exactly what you need to look put together, yet still remain comfortable for an eight or twelve hour day of class? I'd love to hear what y'all like to wear to class or think is totally inappropriate!

Have a great day, y'all!


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  1. I think all these outfits are perfect! They are so cute and look super comfy. I especially like last outfit with the cute turquoise scarf. Thanks for joining us for Hump Day Happenings!