Friday, November 14, 2014

TGIF, Gap favorites

Even though my "spending freeze" is over, I've still been trying not to go overboard with my shopping. But, I am a girl and I always want to shop so I thought I'd share some items that are high on my radar right now and see what y'all think.
Yes. All of these are from Gap. No, this is is not sponsored - I just really love Gap and I have some Gap Rewards $$$ burning a hole in my pocket right now, so I have been frequenting Gap's website a lot lately.
1. Shift Dress in "Port"
The color of this dress is about 95% of the reason why I think I love it so much. I am not big into wearing a lot of blacks and greys and other dark colors, but I felt like a dress in this color could slowly get me used to wearing some darker colors. 

2. Color Block Ponte Dress
I'm still not sure how I fee about the color block aspect of this dress because that style can be so hit and miss on how it looks, but I think this would be a great piece for the winter/fall and could easily be dresses up with heels and pearls. 

3. Fair Isle Sweater
I am obsessed with Fair Isle recently and I love this sweater. My only hesitation is that it looks like it fits kind of short and I generally prefer my sweaters to go a few inches past the top of my jeans, if I decide to get this I would definitely need to try it on first. 
sweater (and in green!)

4. Mock Neck Sweater
Last year I wanted so badly to find an over-sized sweater that I really loved and I never could. I ended up just buying an XL in a regular sweater (from Gap of course!) and that worked out pretty well. I think this sweater is exactly what I was looking for though, it looks soooo soft and comfortable with just enough texture to keep it from looking too sloppy. 

5. Fair Isle Scarf
This would be a great way to work in some fair isle without looking like I was trying too hard, right? I think my hardest decision here would be deciding what color to get? A solid would probably be easier to pair with other things, but the multi-colored one is SO festive and could pair well with neutrals. What do you think?

Of course I want all of these things right now! ha! What do y'all think? What have you had your eye on lately? 

Have a Great Weekend Y'all!

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  1. Oooh I really like numbers 1 and 5! I love some Gap it just screams my generation. Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh I love that wine dress and I love me some Gap! It is just perfect for the holiday season The grey color block dress is adorable as well. Thanks for sharing and thanks for joining Celebrate Southern link up! xoxo

  3. Oh my gosh! I haven't been to the gap in forever and I LOVEEEE all of these. I'm gonna have to make a trip to that store! Thanks for joining the Celebrate Southern Linkup! I am pinning this terrific post to our official pin board! Cheers!