Monday, November 3, 2014

Currently, November 3

Watching: I finally finished watching the Gilmore Girls, so I’m currently back to my nightly ritual of Friends.

Craving: Ice cream – always. More specifically right now, Extreme Moose Tracks. 

Listening: 1989. I wasn’t sure about this at first, it’s been a while since I was reaching for Taylor Swift, but this album did not disappoint. My favorite favorite favorite song from the album is “Bad Blood.”

Reading: Books for class... I’m counting down the days until I can flip through a magazine without the guilt of feeling like it should be a text book.

Eating: Cinnamon Swirl Pepperidge Farm Bread. Have y’all ever tried this? I used to eat it all the time and then just kind of forgot about it, but it is back in my life and it is even better than I remembered.

Planning: A study schedule – I know, so boring. But I need to get this in writing so that I stick to it. Having a schedule for running has made all of the difference in keeping myself accountable.

Feeling: Slightly overwhelmed at the fact that exams are only a month away. But I’ve taken solace in the fact that a month is still a long time and if I plan accordingly I can get it all done.

Loving: The time change, for now at least. It’s really helping me get up earlier in the morning, however I am not the biggest fan of the early sunset.

Wearing: Fall/Winter clothes! You can check out some of my favorite staples here. As much as I loveeeee Lilly and sundresses, I always forget how comfortable and cozy my clothes are in the fall and winter – while still looking nice. I’ve recently been introduced to sweater dresses and I’m never turning back.

How are you starting off the month of November? 

Have a Great Day Y'all!

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