Friday, November 7, 2014

TGIF, oh hey November

I seriously can't believe we are already one full week into November!

1. Study Schedule

After coming to realization that exams are coming up verrrry soon, I finally sat down and planned out how and what I am going to be studying for the next few weeks. If you are anything of a planner like I am, this can be so beneficial to have it all spelled out in front of you and can really keep you on track. The caveat being, for me at least, when I have something planned out specifically and it doesn't happen I tend to have a (usually) minor panic attack. So - plan some free time and allow for breaks, if you've planned to have a drink then you have to, right?

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2. This Week is Over

I know I always say it's been a long week, but this has seriously been one of the worst weeks to date. It has finally set in that exams are less than a month away and that brings on its own level of stress. In addition to that, there has been major(ish) drama with the Moot Court Board at school so that was just one more thing to deal with. Luckily that has been resolved, but it was just one more thing, major or minor, that I didn't have time to deal with. Plus I got in a kind of fight with the boyfriend on Sunday night and there is still some lingering tension from that. So when I say Thank God its Friday, I really truly mean it!

3. Running

I am not "a runner" and I'm not sure I ever will be. Running is so hard for me, but I've been really working to build up to certain times/distances that I can do relatively comfortably. This week I ran for 55 minutes. That was a huge accomplishment for a girl who quivered at the thought of having to run for more than 5 minutes this summer - literally. So, I do not want to be one of those people that talks about running all the time because a. it's annoying, and b. I'm not good enough to be annoying. But I just wanted y'all to know, 55 minutes, anything is possible.

4. MY Jacket 

Well L.L. Bean finally had another 10% off sale, which is about the most they ever do, so I finally decided to buy this jacket that I have been eyeing for quite some time now. I am SO excited for it to come in and I will be sure to let you all know if it lives up to the lofty expectations I have of it in my head!

5. Weather 

The weather here has been out. of. control. It goes from 70 to 35 in the blink of an eye and I am not loving it. Luckily it seems to finally be stabilizing, unfortunately that means it is becoming consistently cold. While I prefer sunshine and warmth over the cold any day, I am glad that I can finally pick out my outfit for the day or week and not have to wonder what kind of temperature change I might have to deal with. Plus, I can wear scarves pretty much every day now and not look ridiculous. For the record - I refuse to acknowledge that "summer scarves" are a thing.

How has your week been?

Have a Great Weekend, Y'all!

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