Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wear-to-Work Wednesday

A lot of people don't seem to like dressing up, but I LOVE it. Sometimes I wish I was going to be one of those wives that just had to go to a bunch of really fancy parties with her husband and got to wear really beautiful dresses all the time. Buttttt 'tis not the case, so here I am getting to "dress up" when I go to work, which is also just fine with me :) 

I just got a black dress similar to the one below and I've already worn it twice. I know everyone needs that LBD, but this is more of a work friendly LBD, rather than a hot date LBD - which this can also be as well. 
A black dress is also a really great way to get to wear all of your statement necklaces and colorful accessories. As someone who has a closet full of color, I generally struggle with finding new ways to wear my bright accessories, but having a couple of neutral dresses really helps me out in that respect. 

While I do really like dressing up, I also like to be comfortable sitting at a desk all (most of) the day. I've already talked about my love of "shirt dresses" here, but when you throw flannel into the mix, it is a game changer. Just make sure that if you choose to go that route you find a dress similar to the one below that still has some structure and detailing that makes it clear it isn't just a fashionable sleep-shirt. Plus, the flannel can give you some warmth without being too hot during some of those warmer southern fall days. 

What are some of your favorite things to wear to work and still stay comfortable? 

Have a Great Day, Y'all!

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