Monday, February 9, 2015

So. Many. Things.

Hey y’all! Wow! It has been a looooongggg time since this blog has seen the light of day. Right before my last post went live, things around here got SO busy. First – I got engaged!! Which is probably one of the most exciting things I have ever experienced. Then of course finals were right around the corner. I thought I was going to have time to catch up some over Christmas “break,” but that was the busiest break I have ever had!

Christmas was so wonderful, and then I went with my fiancĂ©’s (!!!) family to New Orleans – my first time there. Y’all. If you haven’t been to New Orleans, you need to go – ASAP. It was so fun! Even though it was a little colder than we were anticipating (and hoping for), we had such a great time ringing in the new year there.

Soon after we got back from New Orleans it was back to class.  Despite finally being in my 3L spring semester, I have had some tough classes so far – and a moot court competition.

Also, I finally got a sewing machine and I. am. obsessed. There will be much more on this later, as I have already made my own skirt, and let me tell you - I even impressed myself on this one. The machine I got also has an embroidery feature which is awesome - hellllllo monograms!

This weekend we went to Clearwater, Florida to compete in the National Tax Moot Court Competition. It was a great time, and even though we didn’t win, our school advanced further than prior years and according to our coach and the other teams we still had a very impressive performance.

I’m writing this as I’m on the plane back to Kentucky and I am not looking forward to returning to the cold weather at all. However – at the tournament we had the opportunity to meet so many other competitors from other parts of the country and a few girls who are in law school at Suffolk told us they hadn’t been to class more than three days all semester! I cannot imagine having that many snow days. I would go crazy. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely love having a break every now and then, but I can get so restless and to be out of school that long just sounds so miserable.

When I was at Furman we usually had about one snow day each semester. Of course, in South Carolina it only takes a 60% chance of snow for them to cancel class, but it was always a welcomed break. The only negative there is that no one in South Carolina knows how to deal with snow, so it just took a few flakes to shut down the whole city. My roommate didn’t even know how to use the dual scraper/brush. It was certainly an adventure.

Anyways – please accept my apologies for such a lengthy absence. I am working on so may posts for the up coming weeks.

Interview tips – attire, questions, etc. Professional advice – how to get a job, how to network, etc. and a few other miscellaneous law school items. I am also always open to suggestsions so if there is something specific you want to hear about please please please let me know. Either comment below or email me at

Thanks for following along y’all, have a great day!



  1. Congratulations on both your engagement and your new sewing machine and your first successful skirt :O) No wonder you've been so busy.

    1. Thank you so much! It really has felt like a whirlwind lately! I'm finally starting to get back into a routine and hope to keep that going and carry it back here to Legally Southern :)