Friday, February 13, 2015

TGIF, Happy Valentines Day, Y'all!

I can finally breathe - things around here are starting to slow down and get back to a routine and I am so grateful for that. As a big planner, I cringe when there is constant chaos, which is essentially what the last few months have been. Some good, some bad, but certainly chaotic nonetheless. There were a lot of quick updates earlier this week, as well as my favorite update - my engagement! But I think it is still so important to consider each week five things to be thankful for, excited about, etc. - living a positive life is one of the most beneficial things we can do for our own state of mind, as well as those surrounding us.

1. Moot Court is Over

For those of you also in law school, you're probably well aware of the time commitment that comes with Moot Court. For those who are not, let me provide a brief explanation of the process: for this particular competition we were responsible for writing a brief for the position of our choosing, and preparing arguments for both the Petitioner and Respondent. After writing the (25 page long) brief, we then have to start practicing our arguments for both sides, for a couple of hours -  multiple times a week. It was 110% worth it, but I am just so glad to have some of my "free" time back to run errands, read for class, and more importantly - sleep! -- Side note: Moot Court is similar to the undergraduate Mock Trial competitions, except there are dozens of areas of law that you can complete in. Anyways, it was a wonderful experience and I am so lucky that I had the opportunity to travel to Florida in the middle of winter, but I am definitely ready to have one less thing on my plate!

2. Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day has always been one of my favorite holidays. It's probably due in part to the fact that I've almost always had someone to share it with, so I've never had a reason to be bitter about it. But, I also think its because there is nothingggg going on this time of year, most of the Christmas spirit is gone, and it's just plain cold. In comes Valentine's Day to perk everyone, okay almost everyone, back up. It's also probably because there are few things I love more than chocolate, so for me this holiday is definitely one of my favorites! What kind of plans do y'all have for Valentine's Day?

3. Future In-Laws In Town

This weekend my fiance's parents are coming into town and I am so excited. We have such a full weekend ahead, but I am really looking forward to it. They've been wanting to come up for a UofL game for a while, and this weekend that all finally worked out. Plus - they haven't seen the Yum Center yet, where U of L's games are played, and it is awesome, so I'm excited to see their reactions. As someone who grew up going to SEC games, the concept of having alcohol and sporting events was so foreign to me, but as a member of the Big East, then American Athletic, and now the ACC, the Yum Center is allowed to serve drinks at UL games. Obviously this is not the most important reason to go, but with Woodford and Kentucky Ale bars inside the concourse, it is really fun.
I'm also looking forward to taking his mom to Louisville Stoneware, a local stoneware factory that has some gorgeous pieces. And of course we're going to have some delicious meals around town - definitely one of my favorite things to do when people come to visit! Some of the last few times we've been with his parents I've felt so stressed because it is just so much wedding talk all the time, so I'm really hopeful that this weekend will have some wedding talk, but more of a relaxed atmosphere.

4. Gym Classes

A few weeks ago one of my friends reached out to me about working out together a couple of times a week to help keep us both accountable and I am so glad she did. Around the same time, I also joined a 24-hour gym, which is beyond great, but it's nice to change it up and workout with her as well. Because we're both still in school, we have access to the University's gym, and fortunately U of L has a great set of classes available to students. So far we've tried out Zumba, Cycling, and Boot Camp. Boot Camp was soooo much more difficult than we thought it was going to be. I mean, I'm not exactly sure what either of us thought we were getting into, but it was very intense and we felt like everyone else in the class was already a pro athlete. Instead of Boot Camp, we tried Cycling this week and it was far more manageable, while still getting in a great hour of cardio - I would highly recommend it. Zumba has also been a lot of fun. My friend was a dancer, so her coordination is about a million times better than mine, but I still love how fast it goes and how different it is from most workouts. This approach works so much better for me because I tend to get bored easily, but with Zumba its a new move and a new song every two-four minutes. I know some people prefer to work out on their own, but these classes have been so great for me over the past few weeks. What are some of your favorite classes? I'm always interested in what others tend to prefer or dislike.

5. Back to the Blog

Y'all I am so excited to be back here and sharing with you! I have always been somewhat creative and in law school there just isn't much of an outlet for that. I miss the days of crafting for my little and making banners for the DH at Furman. This blog has given me some of that creativity back and I love it. I might not be (I know I'm not) the best writer, but hopefully y'all can enjoy some of the stories/advice I share, and if not I'm always open to suggestions. Like I said earlier this week, I do have some ideas in mind for future posts, but if y'all have any other ideas or things you want to know about law school I'll be happy to address those as well.

Have a great weekend, Y'all!

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