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the Proposal 11.20.14

Thursday, November 20, 2014. We'd already made dinner plans for the night and he was going to pick me up from class. When I got out of class he wasn't there yet, which made me a little annoyed because it was about 30 degrees outside! When he finally arrived, only 3 minutes late, he had the AC going full blast and said it was because he had been so hot - which I thought was ridiculous since it was SO cold. So we headed back to his apartment because it was a little after 5:30 and weren't quite ready to eat yet.

When we got there he gave me the key to open the door, which I thought was weird because my hands were full with my back pack and tote bag, while he was empty handed, but he kept insisting so I finally gave in and took the keys to open the door. When I walked in I was greeted with more than 50 lit candles, two dozen roses and a dozen lillies. He also had set up pictures of us on the coffee table and had a slide show of pictures on his TV. He made me set all of my stuff down (finally!) and went through his perfectly planned speech before getting down on one knee and proposing! Of course I said yes!

Y'all - I was speechless. Apparently I didn't even say yes initially, but just nodded very excitedly. It was such a perfect gesture and I was so surprised - which was really important to me. I know so many people have it in their head how they want a proposal to go, but I can honestly say I'd never really thought about what the "perfect" proposal would look like. I just always knew I wanted it to be a surprise because I love surprises. Well, let me tell you, I definitely didn't see this coming on a gloomy Thursday afternoon after class. This was my perfect proposal. 

He had purchased a few things from Marley Lilly with what will be my new monogram, which he gave to me before dinner. 

I, of course, called all of my best friends and my family and they were all so excited - aside from a few of my aunts who thought I was too young! Then he told me all about how he'd driven down to my hometown a few days earlier to ask permission from my mom and dad (like a perfect southern gentleman) and that he was almost as nervous doing that as he was asking me! 

He also had champagne chilled and waiting for us and he'd made dinner reservations for a few places in Louisville and let me pick where I wanted to go celebrate, so I chose Ruth's Chris and we enjoyed a WONDERFUL dinner, the majority of which I spent staring at my new ring :) 

thanks for following along, y'all! have a great day!

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