Monday, February 16, 2015

Winter Formal Dresses

During the spring semester in law school we have what our school calls Barrister's Ball, I think it is a pretty common thing among law schools, whether it be in the fall or spring. Essentially, it's Law School Prom. I personally love it because I will take any chance I can to put on a pretty dress and doll myself up. One of my favorite parts is picking out a dress to wear. Most of the time I get a new dress, but I still try to make it something that I think I can wear again.

In undergrad there was always a function to go to and choosing a dress was the high light for me. It was always a good excuse to buy a new dress or some new jewelry to go with something you already had.

While it was (and is) always a ton of fun, it can definitely be stressful trying to decide what to wear, what your date should wear, and making sure that you and your friends are all relatively on the same page because you don't want to stand out as the one who is way over dressed and especially not the one who is under dressed.

At least for us, the dress tends to be cocktail attire +, so there is always a wide range of dresses, which I think is great. There are people who love to go bold, while others tend to stick to the basics and they all look absolutely wonderful. If you are trying to save money, or just have a LBD you really love, this event is a great time to play with some statement jewelry to still feel like you're wearing something new. One of the best parts about having this event every year is the opportunity to change things up and try things that might normally be outside of your comfort zone. Plus - what a great reason to wear all of the glitter and sequins you can get your hands on!

Below are a few of my favorites this season, including the dress I've chosen - which is currently on sale!
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What events do y'all have this semester? Do you have a dress picked out yet??

Have a great day, y'all!

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