Friday, October 10, 2014

TGIF, seriously

Y'all, this has felt like the longest and shortest week ever. I feel like Tuesday was weeks ago, but yesterday I still hadn't quite realized that we were so close to the weekend. Anyway, here are my five Friday highs for the week!

1. This Blog!
I have been considering starting a blog for a while now and Sunday/Monday I decided to finally go for it. Maybe its just the procrastination from school talking, but I'm really excited about what this can become.

2. Quilted Jackets
I simultaneously put a shopping freeze on myself and discovered the most wonderful quilted jacket. My boyfriend got me a Barbour jacket for Christmas last year and I LOVE it, but I have still been on the hunt for a more in between and a slightly nicer looking jacket for fall/early winter. Enter: Quilted Jackets. After much searching and comparing I have decided that this jacket from L.L. Bean is the one I need. My self imposed shopping freeze is over in a few weeks and I am fairly sure I will be purchasing this immediately. I allowed an exception if the jacket went on major sale during this "freeze," but of course that hasn't happened. If y'all have any jackets you absolutely adore please let me know, I am still looking just in case!

3. Kickball is Over
This is a little bitter-sweet. For the last eight weeks some of my law school friends and I have been planing on a rec league Kickball team. Let me tell you, we. were. terrible. As in we finished the season 0-8 terrible. So after about halfway through the season, lets just say no one really looked forward to the games. However, it was a great time spent with friends and occasionally we would head to Tin Roof after for a few drinks. I am definitely relieved to have another night available to do other things, but I did enjoy the time we all spent together outside of school/bars.

4. Kentucky Football
In case you haven't noticed, Kentucky is 4-1 this year. 4-1! I know, I know, there are still plenty of SEC games left on the schedule. But after beating South Carolina last weekend, things in the Bluegrass seem just a bit brighter. The game tomorrow is against Louisiana-Monroe, so hopefully we can pull out another win. Either way, the season is off to a great start and better than anyone would have imagined at this point.
Source: AP
5. 10K
So I've recently realized that maybe I don't hate runnig as much as I thought I did. I mean there are still a dozen things I would rather be doing, but as far as exercise and efficiency, running has become a new favorite of mine. So much so that this week I decided that I really needed to find a race so that I had something I was working towards. I generally only run for about 30 minutes each time I go out, but as that has gotten relatively easier and I needed another challenge. I'm really looking forward to pushing myself, but also just a littttle anxious about pretty much doubling my current run time. I'm sure I will blog more about this as my training progresses.

That was my week, hope you've had a good week too!

Have a great weekend, y'all!

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