Friday, October 17, 2014

TGIF, but really

Yet another week that has be dragggggging. Maybe its because I'm going to see the Avett Brothers tonight and I SO excited, or maybe its because school is speeding up and I am feel like I'm falling more and more behind. That being said, I am still lucky to have more than enough positives in my life to balance out the crazy day-to-day happenings.

1. The Avett Brothers

Y'all. I. Am. So. Excited. Call me crazy, but I have seen the Avett Brothers in concert four times already and I would see them four more times (and lets be real, I probably will). This time they are coming to my town and are playing in a relatively small theater, which I am thrilled about. If you don't listen to them, you should. I get that not everyone likes the same stuff, but they are just soooo good and put on a great show. I've literally been looking forward to this for months. One of my favorite things about their shows is that they rarely (if ever) play the exact same set list twice. I know a lot of people like to look up past set lists so they know what to expect, but I prefer to be surprised and with the Avett Brothers that is even easier to do. I will definitely let y'all know how the show goes. (Spoiler Alert - it's going to be great!)


2. My mom is coming to visit! 

My mom and I have never been "best friends" in the way that a lot of girls and their moms are, but my mom is awesome. She is so fun and I just really like hanging out with  her. I got to see her a few weeks ago for about an hour when we stopped through my hometown on the way to a football game in Tennessee, but it wasn't nearly long enough. She is coming up on Friday to go to the concert and spending the weekend here and I'm so exited to show her around some more and take her to my favorite places!

3. 10K training, major strides

No pun intended, but I have made way more progress than I'd anticipated for just being two weeks in. And let me tell you, it feels great. I knew that if  I was already able to run 30 minutes comfortably, I should be able to work my way up to 65-70 in seven weeks. And by "I knew" I mean I read a dozen articles with training schedules that seemed to reinforce this. However, I was still a little unsure of my actual abilities and honestly, my dedication. This week I was already able to run four miles straight, without feeling like I was going to die and that was a major accomplishment for me, so it has given me a lot of confidence for the next few weeks of training.

4. Margaritas on a Tuesday

Just so y'all know, I am a major planner. Like down to the minute, every day. It sounds obsessive, and I will be the first to admit that it is, but I just really like to know what I'm doing next so that I can be prepared. Well, Tuesday after my first class my plans were thwarted by an attempt to go running during my class break, which I perceived as a disaster (again, I realize not true, I'm working on this) because I didn't have running clothes, I would have to go home and get ready for the day again, and probably most importantly, I was starving. After some discussion, we (my boyfriend and I) decided to go to Starbucks and do work (my original plan), but of course there weren't any tables available at a Starbucks half a mile from campus during lunch hour (duh). So, when he asked me what I wanted to do I realized my honest answer was that I wanted to go to the Mexican restaurant across the street and have a margarita and quesadilla, so we did. And it was great. So great I might just suggest making it a weekly tradition. I definitely suggest a mid-day margarita to all of you when the stress is starting to build up. It is well worth it.

5. Gilmore Girls 

Last week I started re-watching all of the episodes of Gilmore Girls (thank you Netflix!) and as of now I have already watched an embarrassing amount. Y'all I had forgotten how great of a show it really was. I only watched the last two seasons live, but thanks to ABC Family reruns I've already seen all of the episodes at least once. Now that I'm a little older, they are even funnier, if you can imagine that. If you looking for a way to waste relax this weekend, you should add Gilmore Girls to your list of things to watch.


How was your week?

Have a great weekend, y'all!

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